Introduction To Tactical Defence Solutions -ZA

Distributors of all Types of  firearms and accessories in Southern African

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Tactical Defence Solutions ZA (Formally Known As Panzer Arms And Ammunition) was established in 2009 as an accredited provider in military training as well as military arms and ammunition ranging from small arms and aircraft to armour and artillery. Since its inception, Tactical Defence Solutions ZA has acquired a team of highly experienced, skilled international security professionals – with more individuals to be appointed in the coming year, as the company’s operations continue to grow. Currently, our operations are focused on emerging Markets found primarily in Africa, with the aim of branching out to others parts of the world in the future. Drawing from our unique blend of expertise, with more than 100 years of collective experience among our team members in their respective fields, our unique concept and approach towards integrated security solutions was developed.

Based in Gauteng, Tactical Defence Solutions ZA is currently under the management of Mr. Mark Spigolon, a former professional in the use of all East Block and NATO weaponry and veteran of security operations regarding tactical combat instruction as well as Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) training assisted by Mr. Menno Uys, an ex-South African Special Forces officer, a veteran of the Angolan Bush war and who has worked in various conflict areas providing military training and security operations in countries including Eritrea, Angola, Liberia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Nigeria since 1993. Utilizing the team’s international experience as well as local knowledge, Tactical Defence Solutions ZA ’s operations are supported by state-of-the-art technology, and are geared towards providing world-class services and expertise in the areas of military training, police training, electronic CCTV coverage, access control systems, vehicles tracking, fleet management, maritime security, risk analysis, security consultancy and surveys, procurement and supply of military logistics and equipment.

“Turncard Trading 114 (Pty) Ltd “_ Trading as Tactical Defence Solutions ZA is registered with NCACC (National Conventional Arms Control Committee), the PFTC (Professional Firearms Training Council) as well as being a South African Police Services accredited training provider.

Tactical Defence Solutions ZA offers clients a tailored approach, focused on developing innovative security solutions to meet customers’ individual needs. Through sound risk assessments and deep consideration of the security situations at hand, we pride ourselves on offering solutions that will adequately commensurate to meet the risks and threats present.

At Tactical Defence Solutions ZA , it is our goal to deliver superb security solutions and services, while at the same time promote the positive development of local communities and entrepreneurs – particularly in those areas in which we operate and /or draw our personnel from.

In providing tailored “Integrated Security Solutions” to our clients, we aim at managing our clients’ individual operational and business security risks, thereby ensuring business continuity and shareholder confidence, and thus ensuring a high rate of return on investment. It is our desire to extend our services to your good Tactical Defence Solutions ZA selves.

We are confident that we can deliver the best services using our highly experienced, mature and tested consultants located both locally and internationally, and will in turn by proud to be associated with your company.

Our consultants’ and staff’s international reputation in Africa and worldwide is a reflection of our commitment and acceptance of the highest standards only.

3 thoughts on “Introduction To Tactical Defence Solutions -ZA”

  1. Hay there i need to get my fathers gun on my name 303 and it has been long in the family his wallet was stolen with his licence in but has a avudawet from the police i neex to do my compentency first please i need help i work in ghana and have to go back soon


  2. Hello Folks
    I am looking at a AK style action firearm to go with my AR15.
    I would to have a AK style action weapon for my son.
    Also I looking for a PRC rifle like the .300PRC or 6.5 PRC rifle for hunting and sniping to have another platform for different rules of engagement.
    Sincerely Theo


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